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South Africa on my mind

We have all heard about Africa and its poverty but how many of us are really aware of Africa’s politics and the problems it faces? South Africa is a country with many races and most of its people are black. It has a population of about sixty million and has the most diverse and industrialized economy in Africa but sadly it has seen very little growth. I think that the deeply-embedded socio-economic inequalities in South Africa play a major role […]

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The Afghanistan Issue

The Afghanistan Issue Afghanistan has been an unwilling victim of war for decades. I am appalled by the things the Afghanis suffered and what they will have to suffer. It seems as if nobody that got to rule Afghanistan had its best interests at heart. Neither the Russians nor Americans and not even the Afghani government was good for Afghanistan. The Taliban have been a plague gifted by the USA and Pakistan to Afghanistan. The two countries helped train and […]

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Ghana reigns

If you have not heard of Ghana’s fast progress, you might be the only one. Dubbed as the second strongest economy in Africa, Ghana boasts of being one of the more stable countries in a land where political unrest reigns. Since Ghana transitioned to multi-party democracy, it has been free to establish its democracy which is a continuation of Ghana’s strong history paying homage to the fact that it is the first African country to achieve independence since 1957 from […]

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India and the battle against covid

I know you probably have heard the news that India is dying. The country that ranks second in population in the entire world seems to be in deep crises, with hospitals and morgues overwhelmed. I was truly shocked when I came across the number of coronavirus victims. There have been 379,257 new infections and about 3,645 new deaths. On April 21st of 2021, Maharashtra, an Indian state, reported the highest number of active COVID-19 cases of over 699 thousand. Other […]

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How Rwanda has bounced back from the ethnic cleansing

Today, I'll be discussing how Rwanda bounced back from the ethnic cleansing. Rwanda isn’t a big country and its economy is been mostly based on agriculture. Its population density in one of the highest in all of Africa. 85% of the population is Hutu, while the rest are mostly Tutsi, along with a very minute population of Twa. Even though most of the population is Hutu, the Tutsi dominated the country. Inevitably, the Hutus eventually overthrew the Tutsi monarchy in […]

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The Racial Discrimination of the Royal Family of England

The recent interview of prince Harry and Meghan has captured the interest of people globally. Around 50 million people watched the interview and were appalled by Meghan's claims about the racism she had to face by the royal family. She said that the racism gave her suicidal thoughts. The tragic reality is that these social media discussions and headlines were nothing new for Black women. Currently, social media is questioning whether Meghan was mistreated by the royal family and the […]

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Somalia on my mind

When you hear the name Somalia you think of a devastated war zone and you won't be the only one. I am here so not only advance your knowledge about the issues plaguing Somalia but also tell you the rich bounty of resources this country has to offer globally. It is not doubt that Somalia is a country that has seen its fair share of death, destruction and suffering. However even though the suffering of Somalis has been documented throughout […]

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When will this end

There has been a question on everyone’s mind this entire year: when will this godforsaken pandemic end? When the world found out that there was a vaccine for Covid-19, we all thought we finally had the answer to all our problems. Americans sighed in relief when USA bought the vaccine and sent a prayer to the heavens that our problems had been finally solved and we could finally begin going out again without risking our lives. It’s no secret that […]

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Africa‘s Developmental Crisis

Whenever we think or say Africa the image of a starved child pasted on a billboard comes to mind or of families living in wooden cabins without rooftops over their heads. This isn’t an accurate picture of Africa but in any case, the reality remains that Africa actually remains widely underdeveloped with its resources being squandered. when economics try to come up with explanations behind underdevelopment of Africa, the main culprit is always told to be slavery. Obviously, the obvious […]

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