CTV launches music reality show ‘Bars & Beats’

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Class Media Group’s CTV has launched the maiden edition of its music reality show ‘Bars & Beats’.

‘Bars & Beats’ was launched on Friday, 23 October 2020 at the forecourt of CMG in Labone, Accra.

The General Manager of CTV, Mr Ricky Anokye, indicated that the music reality show will afford upcoming artistes the opportunity to showcase their talents.

He explained that unlike what pertains in other contests, there will be no one-off selection of participants from auditions.

Rather, 13 participants will be selected every week across the country to battle it out every Saturday.

Different sets of participants will display their talents each week, with voting reserved for the participant’s fans and followers.

The success of the participants will be dependent on social media engagements.

Mr Anokye also disclosed that there will be judges on the show, who will be required to advise, critique and guide the participants.

However, the judges will not have any vote.

He also said that there will be one permanent judge throughout the show, with other rotational judges.

“Normally, how it is done is that 13 participants are selected out of the 31 million people and the 1,000s of people who go for auditions.

“So, for the first week, which is two weeks from today, 13 participants will be on and based on the likes and shares from their supporters, winners are selected,” Mr Anokye explained.

“The contest will be in two segments – the first segment will consist of performances of their own songs and the second, dubbed, #MyOwnRemix, will require participants to perform a peace or election-themed song with a beat accompanying it,” he added.

He also said that “no judge scores anybody. They are just there to give their comments, guidance and direction but the voting depends on you the artiste and your fans.”

According to Mr Anokye, winners will have access to music promotion across the 12 media channels under CMG.

Additionally, music producers JMJ, Smokey Beats, Appietus and Wei Ye Oteng are on board to supervise music production. Legendary sound engineer Zapp Mallet will provide supervision and technical expertise in mixing and mastering.

All these, he said, forms part of a GHS350,000 prize packages.

‘Bars & Beats’ will officially begin on 5 November 2020.

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