China news: Shocking moment a bus is engulfed by a massive sinkhole | World | News

Travellers in Xining in the Qinghai Province were left flabbergasted when a giant sinkhole opened up at a bus stop. The bus fell suddenly into the sinkhole which slowly developed as passengers were boarding.

In a video, explosions and fire were visible from the sinkhole.

So far, sources suggest that 16 people were injured during the incident and a further two are missing.

The BBC reports that at least six people have been killed.

As well as the bus, the sinkhole swallowed a street lamp.

Another video shows people attempting to get into the bus and get people out.

Sinkholes are cavities in the ground that form when water erodes a layer of rock under the surface, according to National Geographic.

There are two types of sinkholes.

One forms when the roof of a cave collapses, the other forms when water dissolves the rock underneath the soil.

It comes as Chinese geologists found a cluster of 19 massive sinkholes in November last year.

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They were said to be the largest, measuring at a volume of over one million cubic metres.

The incredible sinkholes were discovered near the city of Baise in the south-eastern Chinese region of Guangxi, according to the China Geological Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The sinkholes have a volume of over one million cubic metres and are well-preserved.

In the sinkholes, experts also found lush valleys, colourful caves and stunning waterfalls and vegetation.

Senior engineer Zhang Yuanhai told local media: “It is the largest sinkhole cluster south of the Tropic of Cancer which also has the largest number. It is unique in this region.”

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