Brexit News: Furious German caller demands UK leave EU and ‘crash at bottom of cliff’ | UK | News

A furious LBC caller from Germany unleashed his frustration at Shelagh Fogarty for the UK “being a nuisance” with Brexit and not already leaving. The caller, introduced as Ulf, also attacked the Leave.EU Twitter group for their response to Angela Merkel’s comments following a conversation with Boris Johnson. He said: “It is time for the UK to leave, please get out.

“You’re wasting everyone’s time and you’re a nuisance.

“That funny poster of yours, seriously, that’s not even emphatic anymore.

“We’ve seen worse caricatures of Chancellor Merkel during the Greek debt crisis.

“It was complete with an SA uniform, Hitler moustache and stuff, we can be quite forgiving.”

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He added: “But please stop wasting everybody’s time, just make the jump.

“We will watch you go splat at the bottom of the cliff edge.”

The LBC host struggled to contain her laughter and joked back at the caller.

She said: “Can you give us a bit more time, Ulf?

The caller Ulf said: “There is a problem.

“Unless you can create a noticeable customs border, I don’t know whether that is possible as I am not an expert.

“It is difficult as you cannot leave the customs union and have no customs border.

“That would mean the people working there would have big targets on their back and probably wouldn’t survive the first week working there.

“I don’t see a solution for it either, either you stay in or you don’t.”

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